And with the students came the sun

From the Principal

Dear Students and Parents,


It is with great joy we have welcomed our students back from a well deserved break. It is such a vibrant atmosphere in the school with the students fresh from the break now coming back to school with smiles all over their faces. One of the most rewarding things with my job is to actually meet them in the morning outside the school, especially on the first days back from breaks. It gives me and and my staff such a rush of energy to see all these happy faces trodding along in the line through the entrance saying good morning to each other and to the staff.  

I have spoken to alot of students this week in the corridors as usual and I find that there is a positive vibe right now that is even stronger than before the break. It may be that I experience this because when I was at the school during the break, it was fantastically clean and orderly but something was missing. That was what makes the school what it is of course, the students! Even more so the fact that since the students came back so did the sun, speaks for itself!


With a giant leap towards spring/

Mr Östling