Full Steam Ahead!

From the Principal
Full Steam Ahead!

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

The school has now been running for a couple of weeks and all the start up frenzy is now slowly turning into everyday routines. We have already had three days of Clash of the Classes, an IT-safety lecture for year 6 & 7, and we will be concluding our Parent Evenings tomorrow with the event for year 7-9. These first couple of weeks have been very exciting and it is fantastic to see our returning students coming back to school more mature and more determined to succeed. Our new students who are mainly in year 4, have settled well into our structured Junior School environment and they already show signs of great achievements for the future.

In the coming weeks our students will have a lot of work to do in school. They will have assignments to hand in and tests to take, but in all this, it is important to remember that they also need to have fun! Therefore, we are very proud to announce that we now have five table tennis sets in the school, including one set suitable for outside use that will be set up this week.

This week your children will also bring the school rules home with them for you to go through and sign together with your child. The students themselves have played a big part in creating these rules during the first few days of school in August. It was very interesting to read their suggestions for our school rules, it turns out that they really want the same supportive and structured environment that our teachers also aspire to create.

Finally, I just wanted to leave you all with a picture full of energy and teamwork from the Clash of the Clashes days last week. I smile every time I look at it.

Until next time/ Mr Östling