Growth Mindset Evening and the run up to Christmas

From the Principal

Dear Guardians,

First of all, we wish to thank all of you who turned up last night for the Growth Mindset introduction and Wine and Cheese evening which was hosted together with the PTA. We are very grateful for your positive feedback regarding the session as well as your active participation in the exercises you were asked to do to in order to connect theory with practice. 

Secondly, we want to remind all guardians and students that since we are now closing in on Christmas and the mid-term grades it is very important that you communicate with your teachers and mentor if there is something you are unsure of regarding where the student are in different subjects, or work that you need to hand it in for it to used as basis for the assessment of your performance in relation to the knowledge requirements. It is of course the school´s responsibility to communcate with you as well but to minimize the risk of any misunderstandings it is better to contact the school before the grades are set rather than afterwards if you are unsure.

Finally we want to let you know that on Saturday the 22nd of November (this week) it is time for our annual Open House between 10-12. Although this is a day that is more directed to the guardians and students that are in our queue to start studying here next year, than for students already in the school, we of course welcome all families who are part of IESU to spend the day with us.