A New Beginning

From the Principal


Dear IES Uppsala Students, Parents and Guardians,

I hope that you are enjoying your well deserved summer holidays. As we enter the month of August, I imagine that you are beginning to look forward to starting the new academic year in our school as much as I am. As a reminder, school starts on Monday 19th August at the times below:

Junior school:   Middle school:

Year 4: 8:30 – 11.00 Year 7: 12.30 - 15.00

Year 5: 9:00 - 11.30 Year 8&9: 13.00 – 15.30

Year 6: 9:30 – 12:00

Please note: Lunch will not be included on this day, but the students will have a light snack provided. Upon arrival, all students should enter the school through the main front entrance. There will be staff at the entrance to greet you and guide you to the Aula. All students will find out their class and receive their schedules, as well as an overview of important dates, on the first day of school.

On Tuesday 20th August, all students will meet in their mentor rooms; years 4 & 5 will begin at 8.20, end at 14.00 and spend the day with their mentor teacher/s; years 6-9 will start at 8.45, spend the morning with their mentor teachers, and follow their normal schedule from 13.00. Lunch will be provided as per normal on this day.

Daily Schedules 2013/14:

Years 4 & 5 will begin lessons at 8.45am on Mondays, 8.20am Tuesday-Friday, and will finish no later than 3.05pm; Years 6 & 7 will begin lessons between 8.20-9.20 and finish no later than 3.35pm; Years 8 & 9 will begin lessons at 8.45am Mondays and Tuesdays, and 8.20am Wednesday-Friday, and will finish no later than 4pm. This school year, all students from year 4-9 will begin each school day in their mentor room with their mentor teacher/s for the first 10 minutes to take attendance and hear the daily notices. We hope that this will increase contact time with the mentors and also free up the weekly 45 minutes scheduled mentor time for more mentor based activities, instead of notices and admin related tasks.

Junior Club will be open from Tuesday August 20th, and this year we are inviting students from years 4-6 to join. Junior Club begins after school lessons and closes at 5pm.

Moving into our third year in Uppsala, our school has now expanded from 13 classes in our first year, to 21 classes, making us a school of over 600 students! As a growing school, we look forward to welcoming 14 new enthusiastic staff members to join our IESU team; Andrew Grant (Maths), Ellen Watt (Science & Art), Markus Cederberg and Eva-Maria Munck (Music), Emma Jansson (Spanish & Swedish), Emma Eriksson (Swedish), Anna Persson (Swedish & SO), Åsa Gustafsson (Textiles & Life Skills), Cátia Teixeira (PE), Malin Eklund (German & English), Sofie Lindberg (Home Economics), Thorsteinn Baldursson (woodwork), Feargal Bradshaw (Student Lounge Coodinator), and James Brewer (Administration Assistant). I am also pleased to announce that Ms Nordlund and Ms Lagerqvist will be returning to us in August after spending time away on maternity leave.

Moving into our new school year 2013/2014, we continue to focus on promoting communication with you at home, as we strive to continue to be one of the best schools in Uppsala.

I look forward to seeing you on your first day of school!

Yours Sincerely,

Mikael Östling