Parents of next year´s 4´s and 5´s filled the Aula

From the Principal
Parents of next year´s 4´s and 5´s filled the Aula

Dear Friends,

Last night, we received a loud and clear message that what we are doing at IESU is deeply appreciated and sought after in Uppsala. We held a workshop for next year's Junior School students and almost 200 parents attended the presentation, filling the Aula to its brim. Parents were informed about the school´s vision and why we are different from other schools in Uppsala. As part of the presentation, our House Manager and Head of Junior School, Ms Anna Thoresen, went through the practical aspects of Junior School life to prepare the parents for the new world their children are stepping into this fall. 

It was fantastic to see the feelings of excitement and slight nervousness in the visiting students eyes as they were led into the Junior School classrooms by our teachers. Our fantastic year 9 students sold fika for the benefit of their end of year class outing and they were very happy with the flow of costumers at their counter. 


Mikael Östling