Teachers Appreciated at IES Uppsala

Teachers Appreciated at IES Uppsala

(L-R: Hilde Allen, Johanna Sundqvist, Meena Strömqvist and Cecilia Marlow at a breakfast in honour of teachers)

Teacher Appreciation Week at IES Uppsala began with a luxurious breakfast in honour of teachers, arranged by the PTA.

The annual event was started at IES Uppsala by parent Meena Strömqvist, and is now in its fifth year.

Ms Strömqvist said: “Both my children have been students here, with one graduating last year.  When they were both here at the same time, I thought it would be fun to initiate Teacher Appreciation Week as a new tradition.

“We have different themes each year, with this year being ‘Around the World’. With all the fun things that happen during the week, the teachers, I am told, feel uplifted and appreciated.”

Teachers at IES Uppsala enjoy their breakfast

Science teacher Johanna Sundqvist enjoyed the breakfast with her colleagues. She said: “It’s special, it really makes us feel that the parents appreciate us and see what we do. It’s a reminder that we do something good. If other teachers saw what was happening they might want to come and work here because the parents appreciate us.”

Teacher Appreciation Week is full of activities, including a dress-up day, a basketball game between teachers and students, and a day for students to show their appreciation by bringing in flowers, cards, and home-made treats.

Students also decorate their mentors' classroom doors with posters they have designed, reflecting the contribution of the teacher to their lives.

At the end of the week there will be a fruit and chocolate event, where teachers can sample chocolate from around the world.

Speaking to the teachers as they enjoyed their breakfast, the school’s principal Hilde Allen said: “Events like this are just one of the ways that families show their appreciation.  I hear from parents all the time who want to tell me how much they appreciate everything that you do.

"I received an email before sportlov from a parent, about her girl who graduated last year, and how well prepared she feels for gymnasiet. We hear this often from students who come back and say: ‘it was tough but you prepared us so well’.

"I had another email over sportlov from one of our junior school parents who was also very appreciative of the work that you all do. You are doing an absolutely fantastic job. You are the ones who make this school such a fantastic place to learn.”

Cecilia Marlow, acting CEO of IES, also addressed the teachers.  She said: “I was so happy when I heard about this wonderful initiative, to celebrate our fantastic teachers, and I certainly hope we will see this in more of our schools. Our teachers are the ones that make a difference to our students, every single day, every single hour. I would really like to thank everyone involved in this week- the teachers for their dedication to learning, and the parents for recognising those efforts."