We are getting ready for you!

From the Principal
We are getting ready for you!

Dear Students and Parents,


We are almost done now with our preparations for the coming academic year. Old and new staff have now met and worked intensively together for almost a week, to make sure our school meets the high standards both you and we expect of an IES school. In the start of the autumn term, the students will engage in a lot of team building and social development activities, both with their class and their respective year groups.


We have also managed to book a lecturer specialising in internet awareness, who will come and speak to year 6 and 7 as well as those parents who wish to attend, on the 22nd of August. The parent lecture will be held in the evening and the students will have their year group lecture during their regular school day. More information about this event can be found on School Soft shortly. Below, you can see a picture of old and new staff listening to one of the lectures given as preparation for the new academic year. We cannot wait to have our students back in school!