From the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians of Internationella Engelska Skolan Uppsala, 

We have had an excellent start to this academic year, we have introduced the year 4 students to of our house system, which has fostered even stronger unity and pride for Internationella Engelska Skolan Uppsala among students. We have continued to develop our growth mindset approach more and more in our classrooms and have made teaching and learning in school more visible to the students. The visibility of learning has been developed through introducing success criteria in lessons using the first-person form such as: "I can read and understand varied texts in English”. This is done to emphasise to students that learning starts and ends with them as the focal point and we have already seen positive impact of this initiative.  This year we are also focusing our professional development of the whole school on Growth Mindset language and how we can build resilience and persistence in students´learning.

We have also received awards as the best overall school when it comes to academic performance in Year 9 for 2015/2016, having the best results in Math and History as well as being top ten in many other subjects. This gives us great pride in our teachers and students ability to continue to perform well and learn as much as possible through this academic year.

It is also clear to me that the achievements of IES and its students are now getting nationwide attention, I was invited to a school leadership conference in the late spring, where the current Minister of Education, Mr Gustav Fridolin and the former Minister of Education, Mr Jan Björklund publicly praised the results of IES and its method of ensuring a calm learning environment where teachers can teach and students can learn. 

We are all very eager to get this year going and hopefully I will get the chance to see you in the morning as I stand and greet the students by the main entrance.