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Winter Sports Day

Winter Sports Day

On Monday, March 4th IESU students and staff participated in the 2nd annual Winter Sports Day. Whether locally in Uppsala or north at Kungsberget ski resort, indoors or out in the snow, all enjoyed a day of healthy exercise and fun!

Roughly half of our student population, 11 staff members and quite a few parents arrived at Kungsberget for a day of skiing at 10 am. The weather was perfect for a day of hitting the slopes! Many students had fun trying out the jumps in the Fun Park and skiing down the various runs. It was a great combination of friends, sun and snow at Kungsberget.

A group of 40 students walked to Sunnerstabacken for a fun day of sledding. The sun was shining and the teachers and students were ready for a day of speed and laughter. Students and teachers raced each other down the (icy) hills and long "trains" were created. Students from Y4-Y9 helped each other and went down the hills together.
- It´s fantastic to see when a Y4 student is explaining to a Y9 student, or a teacher, techniques for gaining speed! We had a great lunch in the sun and finished the day by walking back to school. At the end of the day we were tired but happy! - Mr Winquist

Cross Country Skiing:
This relatively small group of students brought their skiing equipment with them and together took the bus from school to Sunnerstabacken. They practiced, among other skills, going downhill without falling and the students got to ski in small groups. Ms Staaf reports that they had a lovely and sunny day.

Ice Skating:
A group of about 40 students met at Gränby Ishall where the students participated in various team games, played bandy, and practised their skating skills. The day began with free time for playing bandy or students' choice of activity. Skaters then separated into groups and played group tag. After a break for lunch the groups reformed and performed skating races between the different levels. Other activities included relay races and various games on the ice.
-It was fun to see students helping each other practice skating techniques: some students managed to go backwards, do their first spin, as well as have a "swing" at playing bandy for the first time. It was very encouraging and admirable to see students from year 4-9 working together and willing to share their skills with others, including the teachers! - Dr Dimopolous

To begin the day Ms. Rouzbahani had the students warm up to Spanish dance/salsa. Students jumped around, shook their hips, promenaded around and began to loosen up their dancing muscles. After the warm-up Mr. Lyle taught 5 East Coast Swing moves, with the students very quickly picking up the steps. With the swing music playing everyone did a great job putting the steps together and dancing up a storm. Per the request of some y9 students Mr. Lyle also quickly gave a 15 minute waltz lesson. First learning the basic box step, and then moving to partnered box step, they all did a fantastic job for their first waltz lesson. All in all, students had a great time expressing themselves through dance and learning some fun new dance styles.

Yoga began with some games to increase body awareness and sensory perception such as body chalkboard where students took turns drawing on their partner's back who then guessed what was being drawn. Students also played mirror mirror, an activity that increases attention to detail and communication skills; the leader does an action slowly and their partner or "mirror" mimics it. These games produced many giggles but also prepared us for the hour-long beginners' yoga session that followed. It took plenty of concentration and focused on core strength, posture and balance. The session finished with a meditation session that left us feeling refreshed and relaxed, putting some students into a meditative state that greatly resembled sleep!

Outdoor Sports:
- Innebandy: The students played innebandy in the snow and it was a real challenge to even see the white ball in the snow! Students cheered each other on and had lots of fun!  Group 2 especially did a fantastic job of participating, following the rules and showing good sportsmanship!  
- Outdoor obstacle course: Students were divided into small teams of three to four students. An obstacle course consisting of five stations was set up on the outside field. Students had to work as a team to  complete the tunnel, ladder, balancing game, frisbee throwing and soccer weaving in the fastest time possible!
-Capture the flag: The students played this game for an hour, and the challenge was doing it in the snow. The teams had a great time competing against each other.

The group walked together from school to Gottsundabadet. The students had lots of fun swimming, playing, and sliding. Both students and teachers had a "splashing" good time and enjoyed getting to know each other better.

Winter hiking:
The day started with an assembly in the school Aula, where the teachers explained some things to think about during the day, and the planned hiking course. After the assembly, we all picked up our lunches and set off. The hiking trail took us from the school, directly into the forest, and led south towards Sunnersta. We were very lucky with the weather, and we wandered through many beautiful areas of forest and fields. The original planned course would have taken us south, all around Sunnersta, and then back up again along the Fyris river, but for various reasons we made it slightly shorter and walked along Dag Hammarskjölds road on our way back. The day ended with a short gathering in the Aula, where we all thanked each other for a very nice day and a great effort.

Junior Club Celebration

Junior Club Celebration

On the afternoon of Thursday, February 14th, parents and students of the Junior Club were invited to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a GUNG FU show, and a few Chinese dances and songs.

First, at 15.00 in the Aula, the performers started their  "Fan" dance, coming down the stairs on both sides of the Aula, holding their bright pink Chinese fans. Together they formed various shapes to the sound of soft Chinese music.

The Kung FU show was fantastic, the performer all wore beautiful authentic yellow Kung Fu clothes that were ordered directly from CHINA for this event.


There was also a short video presentation of some of the activities of the Junior Club during the Fall term.

At the end of the show, a few students from the Happy Chinese Club, came and sang in Chinese a Happy New Year song while others on stage demonstrated the technique of Chinese Calligraphy for the audience. They wrote with paint brushes and black ink "Happy New Year."

Since we were celebrating on February 14th , Valentine's day, and the color RED in China symbolizes GOOD LUCK, we had asked to parents and students to wear red for this special day!

After the show, a deluxe fika was served in the Lunch Room, including delicious home baked cakes and Chinese flower tea. The Junior Club room was decorated with student-made Chinese Art, Chinese lanterns, Chinese Opera masks and many snakes and fish were displayed as it is the year of the snake and the fish brings luck for the new year.

Thank You IESU from India!

Thank You IESU from India!

Thank you to all the students, parents and staff that came to the Talent Show before Christmas Break. We raised 8,700 kr for the children in India. 

After a eight hour flight we finally arrived in Dehli where we were met by one of the Indian social workers. He welcomed us to India and then took us to the slums by the railway. He showed us around and he took us to one of the many schools they have for the children.  We felt so honored to see that the children had dressed up for the occasion that we had come all the way from Sweden.  When explaining to them about Sweden, I told the kids that it's a country where it is very cold with lots of snow.  It was also exciting to tell them that children all the way from the very cold Sweden sent their warmest greetings to them.   

During that afternoon they prepared a little program for us with some beautiful dances and songs.  At the end we were able to assist in handing out food to 150 children that currently attend several smaller slum schools 

My friends and I travelled 16 hours by train to Varannassi. There we spent some days at the children's orphanage.   When we arrived, the children were so excited for visitors that they welcomed us with open arms. 

There, we were able to have fun with the kids and teach them some games and songs in English.  The children in return tried to teach us some of their language, which is Hindi.  We had brought some jumping ropes and a game called twister that the kids were thrilled to play with. The money that was collected for beds and dining tables at IESU Talent Show was much appreciated by them.  

One of the boys at the orphanage shared with me his life story. Both his parents had died a few years back. His older brother could not take care of him so he ended up on the street on his own.  After having spent a few months living and trying to survive on the street, he met one of the social workers from the orphanage.  After visiting him regularly they one day asked him if he wanted to move in to the children's orphanage. He happily agreed and in only one year he learned how to read and write in both Hindi and English. The boy was able to skip to 5th grade after only one year of preparation and catching up. He is now in 6th grade and I could see the great joy and enthusiasm he had for school! He was very excited and proud to show me all his schoolwork and all the good grades he was receiving.    

On one of the days we were invited to some girls that live in the slums of Varanassi. The social worker that went with us has been visiting them many times teaching them how to read and sew. In the slums they usually work with the whole families, trying to give assistance where it is need.  

At the railway stations there are still extremely many street children. The organization is not able to take care of all of them but they visit them three times a week and take them to a place where they can sit down and eat a good meal. 


I had the privilege of handing out the friendship bracelets, which the IESU students together with Ms. Palko had made for them.  Their eyes lit up when I told the street children that they were handmade by kids in Sweden especially for them.

Later on we continued our 8-hour train trip to the orphanage in Gorakhpur.  When we arrived in there we were surprised by how cold it was. The temperature inside was the same as outside which was only 5°C. 

When Christmas arrived we were able to hand out Christmas gifts to the children.  Their joy and thankfulness was evident and it was quite touching to see. They got so excited for the presents they received that they could not wait another moment before they tried on their new shoes and sweaters.  All the shoes were different colors, styles and sizes but the remarkable thing was that the helpers knew exactly which kid would want which shoe. That is how well they knew each one of them. 

I must say, when it was time to go back to Sweden it was difficult for me to fight my tears.  It was a very emotional goodbye, and I will never forget those beautiful smiles.  They all had a huge impact on my life and I will truly miss each person I had the privilege of meeting and spending time with during this trip. I admire those helpers and social workers who give their life towards helping these children and who create a safe and warm environment for these children to grow up and flourish in.  They become like a big family and give the children a chance to grow up in this loving family atmosphere.   Even I got to feel welcomed into that family and it's a wonderful feeling.     


March 4 Winter Sports Day Information

Winter Sports Day will be on Monday, March 4. Preregistered students will be going downhill skiing at Kungsberget. All other students will be attending activities around our school and in Uppsala.

Please login to SchoolSoft to where you will find detailed information of all activities.


From the Principal

And with the students came the sun

Dear Students and Parents,


It is with great joy we have welcomed our students back from a well deserved break. It is such a vibrant atmosphere in the school with the students fresh from the break now coming back to school with smiles all over their faces. One of the most rewarding things with my job is to actually meet them in the morning outside the school, especially on the first days back from breaks. It gives me and and my staff such a rush of energy to see all these happy faces trodding along in the line through the entrance saying good morning to each other and to the staff.  

I have spoken to alot of students this week in the corridors as usual and I find that there is a positive vibe right now that is even stronger than before the break. It may be that I experience this because when I was at the school during the break, it was fantastically clean and orderly but something was missing. That was what makes the school what it is of course, the students! Even more so the fact that since the students came back so did the sun, speaks for itself!


With a giant leap towards spring/

Mr Östling