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The New Year brings change to IES Uppsala

Dear students, parents and guardians

Since joining IES in March of 2011, I have been proud to take on the unique and rewarding experience of opening our school in the former Genetikcentrum. Many of you have supported me and the development of our school since the very first open house day. I am forever grateful for the faith that you have put in me overseeing your children’s educational development.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I have been asked to lead the only High School (Gymnasieskola) in our organization, and pending trade union MBL agreement, I look forward to taking up this role in Södermalm. This new challenge will take place in the academic year of 2013/2014. Until then, I will remain your principal, with Mr Östling in his current role as acting principal.

Few principals get to partake in the creation of a new school and to watch it grow as I have in Uppsala. Our school opened with 280 students and 30 staff members, with our second year seeing us welcome 524 students and 52 staff.  We have strived to make our school in Uppsala an educational hub. We are proud to have our first Grade 9 class of 11 students graduate with a meritvarde of 265 points (maximum being 320) ranking our school as number 1 within the company, and also within Uppsala Kommun. I thank our dedicated staff and our students for all their hard work and efforts that they put in throughout the year to receive this achievement.

I will continue to keep a close eye on IES Uppsala, as it will always have a special place in my heart. Go Uppsala Roos! I look forward in seeing our new school grow into a leading school in the Uppsala region and the science profile take shape. It has been an honor to serve you and the Uppsala community.

With warm regards,

Dr Heimeier


Junior Club Newsletter November

Junior Club Newsletter November

Today the first snow is making its appearance which brings lots of excitement to young faces! Not long ago when the leaves were falling, the month of October ended with a fun Halloween day for all. Scary stories were read in the ball hall while face painting and crafts took place in the Junior Club room. Students could either make spiders, ghosts or pumpkins and at the end of the day there was a Disco and a video showing of the song: "Thriller" performed by Michael Jackson.

November started with a novelty at Junior Club - a reading corner. Many English and Swedish books were borrowed from the Gottsunda Library and brought to our Junior Club.  They have closed the library for a few months for renovations, so we decided to take this opportunity and bring hundreds of books for the Junior Club students. The children are enjoying the quiet corner, relaxing reading a nice book, especially during November when it is dark outside most of the day and many students need this relaxing time after a long day at school.

The students have been enjoying lots of crafts activities with Ms Zhang, such as making masks and even their own costumes before Halloween (see photo!). This month they have started to make bookmarks, which will surely be useful during reading times. Mr Nott has been working on team-building games, such as Fox Tales, Touch Rugby, paper plane competitions, outside on the field and in the gym. Some children were also able to bake the famous Cookie Monster and bring some cookies home.

We had many celebrations this month, including Fathers' Day and recently we celebrated Thanksgiving, an American and Canadian tradition to which we introduced the students by making turkeys with meaningful text on their feathers. Students also wrote words that express thanks. Some of their notations included "family, health, friends, and even Junior Club"!!!
That makes us especially happy as our goal is for students to enjoy themselves at Junior Club.


Next month....December....Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way.....!!!
Xmas is coming!!! Vi hörs!

Annie Provencher
Junior Club Coordinator

Choice Days - A Change of Pace!

Choice Days - A Change of Pace!

All students participated in a wide range of choice activities on November 13 and 14.

Indoor activities included Puppet Theatre, Famous Artists, Jewellery Collection, Commercial and Print Modeling, the Art of Poi, Poetry Slam, Line Dancing, Manga Studio, Spanish and French Culture and Food. Outdoors students could be found learning strategy and playing Football and at Gränby Ice Hall students enjoyed Ice Skating. Some activities took place both inside and outside, such as IESU Olympics, Hiking and Landscape Art, as well as the and Historical Walk, during which students researched various sites in Uppsala on day 1 and guided the group to those sites on day 2. Here is a photo of some lovely (and delicious!) creations made in the Asian and American Food activity which included intricate decoration of cupcakes and preparation of sushi!

Learning Geography while having fun
Learning Geography while having fun
A new way to look at a Chess Board
A new way to look at a Chess Board

During the Board Games activity students became so involved in the games that some did not even want to stop playing to eat! Teacher Kali Keyes explained, "We played a variety of games to show students that some are quick and easy games while others are long and challenging games that require complex and strategic thinking.

On the second day when the students started planning the creation of their own games the room was filled with excitement and curiosity. "It was interesting to observe that all of the students found it challenging to create rules for their games but they then realized the rules were really helpful when it came time to play the games!" The students definitely enjoyed playing the games they created!                  

Mr Ortiz and Ms Vossen deemed The MTV Music Video choice activity a great success! Students composed some original songs with the program "garageband", from hip hop to mellow ballads. They also produced nine awesome music videos in which students danced and acted. Some of these videos even include moving images which the students recorded and edited multiple times, putting their creativity on display. Students enjoyed watching all the videos in a final showcase and are excited to enter their videos in the first IESU film festival next year.

Take a look at this very imformative IES-You Online Magazine was created by Yr 7-9 students!

IESU Year 8 Student Top in DN News Contest

IESU Year 8 Student Top in DN News Contest


Christina Jönsson, 8B, will meet the queen!

Students from Internationella Engelska Skolan picked up top awards yet again in this year's DN Nutidsorienteringen and we are especially proud of Christina Jönsson, 8B, who had the top score in Uppsala län!

The prestigious quiz, which is taken by children from schools throughout Sweden, deals with current affairs and issues in the news.

The winning student from each län is invited to meet with the queen of Sweden as part of the Nobel celebrations in December.  This year three students from Internationella Engelska Skolan will have that honour.

After being named the best student in Uppsala län Christina Jönsson from Internationella Engelska Skolan Uppsala said: "I read the newspaper everyday to keep up with current affairs. I felt pretty sure I did well but did not know how well. I am very excited but also a little nervous about meeting the queen."

Axel Wall from Internationella Engelska Skolan Enskede, who was named the best student in Stockholms län, said: "I enjoyed the competition a lot since I am very interested in what is happening around the world. This is also why winning feels so great.

"I am surprised that I did so well. I had to think hard to come up with the answers to some of the questions, especially the one about Tranströmer.

"I am pleased that I will be able to meet the Queen, not many Swedes get the opportunity."

Meanwhile, Clara Lundberg from Internationella Engelska Skolan Eskilstuna, who was named the best student in Södermanlands län.

She said: "I feel very happy and proud that I have won because I thought the questions were more difficult this year than last year. Now I feel very excited to meet the queen and receive an award for my accomplishment."

Peter John Fyles, Chief Executive Officer of Internationella Engelska Skolan, said: "I would like to congratulate our three students who have been named the best in their county this year, I look forward to meeting them as they come to the prize ceremony. 

"Taking the Nutidsorienteringen quiz is such an important tradition among students in Sweden that it has become a rite of passage.  We are delighted that our schools give such a strong showing year after year."

As well as three of the best students in all of Sweden, Internationella Engelska Skolan also produced four of the best schools, EskilstunaKarlstadGävle and Sundsvall.

Class 9A at Internationella Engelska Skolan Gävle and class 9B at Internationella Engelska Skolan Sundsvall also received the award as the best class in their län.



Junior Club Newsletter September/October

Junior Club Newsletter September/October

Main image: Chinese Lanterns

Minna Magnusson, 4B, working on her lantern
Minna Magnusson, 4B, working on her lantern

 Now that the first month of autumn has arrived, our Junior club is in full speed. The past few weeks went so fast, at least that is what we adults think! We began the school year in a brand new room with new furniture, big bright windows and shiny floors. During these first few weeks the students have begun to get to know each other with organized games, such as name games, and we ended the first week with a treasure hunt.

In September students have been learning about Asian culture by participating in different activities such as origami, gong fu, calligraphy, creating beautiful lanterns and cooking Chinese food with Ms Zhang. The students have also been participating in different baking activities in the cooking room and they are learning how to make healthy and delicious smoothies with frozen berries and yoghurt. They will probably want to try some recipes at home! We have also made some English scones and some Swedish "syltkakor" - cookies with jam.

On Fridays Mr Nott has been organizing outdoor games including tag, "catch the flag" and team-building activities. The students have enjoyed being outdoors on the big field on warm sunny days. The Junior Club has shown a weekly Disney movie in the Aula, which provides a perfect movie theatre environment, including great sound quality! We have also provided popcorn to make it a true cinema experience!

A Halloween Bouquet


Elsa Bäsén, 4B and Hulda Almkvist, 4A working on pumpkins
Elsa Bäsén, 4B and Hulda Almkvist, 4A working on pumpkins

Now that it is October we have begun Halloween activities!!! 

This week we started making bats and pumpkins to decorate the Junior Club room and this week we decorated the windows with pictures of witches, bats, pumpkins and ghosts. The room is slowly starting to look ready for the Halloween party on Friday October 26th.

There will be face painting, scary reading stories and a disco at the end of the day. 

Watch for more news next month! 

Ms Annie Provencher

Junior Club Coordinator