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From the Principal

From the Principal

Dr Rachel HeimeierI am delighted to be appointed principal of IES in Uppsala. Our school is placed in the green, booming area of Ultuna. My vision is to develop a strong scientific profile for IESU and to ensure that each child be seen as an individual and to be given the opportunity to excel at their level of competence.

Why science you may ask? Well, science is exciting! It is awe-inspiring, fun and creative. Science impacts our daily lives, our long-term health and well-being, our children, the policies and decisions that affect our society and the world we live in. To succeed in the modern world, it is important to be able to communicate, think critically and be innovative. Such skills are the cornerstone of the scientific process. By implementing a science profile at IESU, our students will be taught to problem solve in a social setting, be creative, to not be afraid to question and critically evaluate any situation. This will encourage them to be free-thinking and to make informed decisions that impact their own life.

As I take on this new endeavor, I will bring with me my energetic, positive personality and my professional experience. I have more than ten years of biomedical research practice in academia and scientific institutes. As a young woman working in such a competitive and international milieu, I have learned the importance of fostering a constructive work environment where pupils and instructors alike can be open-minded and fearless of facing challenges head-on. On a personal level, I have an international background and I have experienced the transition of moving from one country to another as a child, adult and professional. I understand the needs and fears involved in such transitions. I am curious by nature and my curiosity keeps leading me down new paths, moving me forward, and opening up new doors.

I look forward to this new venture and its challenges and hope to see you and your children soon as I open the doors of our new school in August.

With kind regards,

Dr Rachel Heimeier