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From the Principal

Police visit

As part of a new initiative at local middle and high schools throughout Uppsala to prevent and discourage the use and sale of drugs, police with dogs visited our school on Thursday. The police were able to search the school quickly and let us know that no drugs were found. They spoke with students, and ended the visit by having lunch with students in the lunch hall.

Following their positive experience in our school they complimented our students on how calm and polite they were. The school works very closely with the police and we are positive to this initiative as it will contribute to keeping our school and students safe. This cooperation will, of course, be continued.

From the Principal

Pythagoras Quest - District Champions

Once again the Math department of IES Uppsala bring fame to the school! IES Uppsala winns the district competition of Pythagoras Quest! IES Uppsala has won the district competition 4 times before. Next step is the country finals in Malmö in May. Congratulations to HoD Mr Hedgepeth and his students: Anton Lindholm Eriksson, Kian Esfandiari and David Mörtberg.

From the Principal

Founders visit

On the 13 of March we welcomed Ms Bergström and Dr Bergström to the school. They walked around the school talking to students who were intrigued to meet the IES founder. Ms Bergström also met the PTA to thanks them for the Teacher Appreciation Days. It was an inspiring visit and we hope to welcome them back again soon.

From the Principal

Students vs Staff at Basketball!

Students and staff met in a exciting basketball game on Wednesday afternoon to wrap up the Teacher Appreciation Days celebrated at the school this week. Staff scraped a win by 2 points with the final score set at 34 to staff and 32 to students.

A heartfelt thanks goes to Ms Strömqvist and the PTA and all the parents and students who have celebrated the schools staff this week!

From the Principal

100 days of school!

We have had a busy 2 weeks leading up to Sportlov. Year 5 have had a drive to donate clothes and toys to those in need, through the Red Cross. We have celebrated being a 100 days smarter on this academic years 100th school day by dressing up as 100 year olds! And the Student Council has organized a Spirit Week, encouraging students and staff to dress up, culminating in Pink Shirt Day this Thursday, Valentines Day. Now we can all enjoy a well deserved and relaxing Sportlov and come back with renewed energy.

From the Principal

Ice Day Grade 7

The icy waters at Hammarskog.

Our grade 7 classes went to Hammaskog last week on a so called “ice day”  to learn about safety around water during winter. The weather was beautiful but very cold! Some students still took the opportunity to under controlled conditions jump into the water and then struggle back out again. Very brave but also educational!

From the Principal

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

It’s been a busy last few weeks with students working hard to complete all work before end of term. We’ve also managed to include some Christmas cheer: we celebrated Nobel with themed lessons and a special lunch, Year 5 sang Lucia for all the school and have collected gifts for the Red Cross to be sent to children in need, and junior school children have been making lovely Christmas decorations together with Ms Provencher in the Library.

Now term has come to end and I wish you all wonderful Christmas break and a Happy New Year!

From the Principal

Technology projects Year 8

In year 8 the students have been working with a technology project called “Gnistan”. They have been focusing on water, how to clean and reuse it. Their designs and models were on display in the library last week and students could vote for the best idea and design. THere were some great designs!

From the Principal


Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving. On Thursday we served a traditional thanksgiving lunch and the Library organised a special project for our Junior School students, encouraging us to think about what we have to be thankful for. We are very fortunate in many ways and have a lot to be thankful for!

From the Principal

Learning Outdoors

The autumn has been beautiful and both grade 6 and grade 8 have had the opportunity to take the learning outdoors. This is always appreciated and gives a different perspective on learning! Grade 8 have been teambuilding and working with “friluftsliv” at Hammarskog and grade 6 have been doing fieldwork in Ecology at the lake Erken.